Ảnh động vật đẹp trong tuần

Ảnh động vật đẹp trong tuần

(GD&TĐ) - Xem chú mèo có bộ lông ấm áp, sâu bướm có sừng, trứng gà nhỏ nhất thế giới... trong chùm ảnh động vật ngộ nghĩnh sau. 

Two orphaned wombats, called Turtle-belle and Phoenix, are all packed and ready for San Diego. Here they will become some of the first animals to move into the city zoo’s new Australian habitat. The cuddly marsupials will travel in style, boarding a Qantas flight in comfortable custom-built crates, complete with a bed of hay.
2 chú gấu túi bị mồ côi chuẩn bị tới San Diego, Mỹ .
Ring-tailed lemur mother Kely with her two babies at Melbourne Zoo
Chú vượn cáo đang cho con bú tại vườn thú Melbourne, Australia 
A monkey licks a block of ice with fruits encased in it during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival, in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi province, Thailand
Chú khỉ đang dùng lưỡi liếm băng để tới được chùm hoa quả bên trong tại lễ hội cho khỉ ở Thái Lan 
A baboon gives a young goat a piggyback as they play together in the afternoon sun. South African wildlife photographer captured the scene in Namibia. Orphaned baboons are sometimes used to protect livestock from predators on farms.
Khỉ và dê chơi với nhau tại Namibia 
A red squirrel jumps over a brook on a sunny day in Lazienki park in Warsaw, Poland
Một chú sóc đỏ với mồi của mình băng qua công viên Lazienki, Ba Lan 
Telegraph reader Erica Paulsen writes: This is a photo (with hand for perspective) of a hickory horned devil caterpillar, which becomes a regal moth. This specimen was found in Annapolis, Maryland, US. I thought I’d send it along because they are very rare to see live. And, obviously, hideously beautiful. If you have a photograph you’d like us to consider for a picture gallery, please email it to mypic@telegraph.co.uk, supplying a little info on where and when the picture was taken.
Một con sâu bướm có sừng ở Maryland, Mỹ 
A close-up of a kingfisher emerging from the water with a fish in its beak. The moment was captured by wildlife photographer Sam Stewart, 21, near his home in Wimborne, Dorset. Sam spent hours patiently watching the kingfisher on the banks of a river to record the dive.
Cận cảnh một chú chim bói cá bắt mồi ở Anh 
A bed and breakfast owner who reckons he has found the world’s smallest hen’s egg confessed he took it in his pocket to show his pals at the pub. Paul Rae found the 20p piece-sized egg on Sunday morning alongside three normal-sized ones in his henhouse at the business he runs with wife Margaret in Humshaugh, Northumberland. He is hoping to get confirmation that his is the smallest egg, beating a previous claim which weighed 7.3g, as his is just 5g, 2.5cm high and 2cm across.
Anh Pau Rae đã phát hiện ra quả trứng gà nhỏ nhất thế giới trong chuồng gà nhà mình ở Anh. 
This banana leaf tree frog was determined not to become a tree snake’s lunch. It struggled and tried to kick free for several minutes, hanging on to a branch while the snake continued to bite its leg and drag it up a tree. But the struggle was in vain as the painted bronze back tree snake eventually got its meal. The ordeal was caught on camera by photographer, Syaiful Arif, who watched the scene in a forest of Jombang, East Java. Indonesia.
Chú nhái này đang cố gắng để không trở thành bữa trưa của một con rắn ở Indonesia 
A cat named Bleugems Believe-in-me waits to be exhibited at the Supreme Championship Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham
Chú mèo Bleugems Believe tại một cuộc triển lãm mèo ở Anh 

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